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MD Profiler, bought in 2018. Custom measured to create an even profile, leaving enough in the spine so that the reed is able to vibrate fully.  


Georg Rieger Tip Profiler, bought in 2014. This machine takes off more cane from the midway mark to the tip of the reed. The template is set so that the wings are even, and the tip is accurately thin, allowing a round and lively tone. 


Fox Products Michael Dicker shaper, bought in 2016. The measurements are:

1cm back

8mm at thinnest part

1.5cm at widest part

I enjoy playing on reeds that have a narrower waist and a flare at the end. It helps direct my air flow better, and I believe that the thinner waist helps to control the air entering the reed. I've been using this shaper for almost 4 years, and it's the one that I have most consistency with. 

All machines are owned by bassoonist Morgan Davison, and are not for sale.

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